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Sal's Pizza!

  • Quality clean label ingredients
  • Authentic Neopolitan style pizza with great pizzeria taste!
  • Available in sheet pan & round sizes

Meet Sal!

In 1990, Salvatore Lupoli opened his first Sal’s Pizza shop with his brother Nick, in Salem, New Hampshire. Inspired by Boston’s North End eateries, the Lupoli brothers used fresh ingredients, prepared their dough daily, and established a reputation for the best quality. Originally, Sal's was known as Just Pizza, since they focused on what they did best. The largest pizza at the lowest price—their 19-inch, three-pound pizza, quickly became a legend and is the cornerstone of every Sal’s Pizza today!

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Sal's Pizza

Sal's Pizza can be found in over 500 schools across the northeast (it's National School Lunch Program Approved!). Now with nationwide distribution through Bake Crafters, you can bring Sal's Pizza from Boston's North End directly to your K12 students!

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