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Virtual Tradeshow Virtual Tradeshow

K12 Virtual Tradeshow

Join the Bake Crafters Team to see how we can help fill your ever changing menu with nutritious & delicious new offerings!

Bake Crafters at SNA's Innovative Solutions Showcase

Join the Bake Crafters Team to learn about product offerings in these challenging times — new solutions for a new normal.

New Product Survey

We are developing new products, and need your input. Please share your thoughts with us about new product offerings, and what you need to make your school menus a success this year!

K12 IW solutions for School Year 20/21

Take a tour of IW offerings for this school year. These versatile products are perfect for Breakfast in the Classroom or sending home with your students!

Breakfast Sandwiches

Join Chef Cristian to learn more about Bake Crafters' Hot Breakfast Sandwich Line. We have a full variety of delicious breakfast sandwiches!