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What we're about What we're about

Bake Crafters is a family owned business with representation in all 50 states. We sell baked goods for K12, colleges & universities, healthcare, military, in-store bakeries, and restaurants.

Since 1989, Bake Crafters has operated with a single aim: providing the baked goods customers want with the service they expect. This means broad selection, rapid product development, competitive prices, and dedicated customer service. Over 420 million servings of our whole-grain products were used in schools nationwide during the 2021–2022 school year!

Whether you're talking with someone in our corporate office, a regional sales director, or one of the 70+ people on our commissioned sales team, we strive to understand your needs and find a way to serve them.

Why choose Bake Crafters?

  • Low minimum orders (2 pallets)
  • Huge product selection
  • Custom product development
  • Representation in all 50 states
  • Depth of experience
  • Dedicated & friendly customer service
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