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School Foodservice School Foodservice

Bake Crafters has specialized in school foodservice for over 30 years. We speak your language and know your needs. Our broad variety of proven products, ranging from sandwiches and snacks to muffins and bread, are sure to keep students happy while providing great-tasting, healthy choices that meet our core initiatives: Smart Snacks, Wholesome Choice, and Commodity.

We hold a unique position in the market in that we are small enough to act quickly, yet large enough to access the resources to develop customized products based on market trends and customer needs. Pair that position with decades of experience, and Bake Crafters has developed the formula to ensure you product expertise, efficiency, and flexibility through a wide array of quality baked goods.

With a sales force and distribution network reaching every corner of the U.S., we have the coverage you need to provide your portion of the 45 million servings served daily across over 100,000 schools nationwide.

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