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Be Regulation-Ready with Our Weekly School Breakfast Menu Plans

Bake Crafters now has Weekly Breakfast Menu Plans for both K-8 & 9-12 to
make following the latest federal regulation changes easy. At a glance you will find your favorite products with three different options of how to meet required weekly averages.

We've long been a leader in K-12 nutrition. As additional USDA requirements approach for School Year '27-'28, we continue to innovate around reducing added sugars and sodium.
View and download this handy tool on the Bake Crafters website.

Product information can be found by scanning or clicking the QR codes or by visiting us at Bakecrafters.com.

They include:

  • 3-week options

  • K-8 & 9-12 plans

  • QR codes can be scanned or clicked for product information

  • Will assist with recent USDA nutrition regulation requirements

Click here for Breakfast Plans K-8!

Click here for Breakfast Plans 9-12!

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