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We welcome all new customers. Our products are delivered frozen on standard 40” x 48” pallets. To receive your order, you will need a loading dock and equipment to unload a 53' semi truck.

How To Order

The best way to order from us is by fax or email.

If you have never ordered from us, we request that you first download and fill out our account application.

We look forward to serving you!

Order Terms & Info

Required Lead Time

New orders must be submitted by Tuesday at 5:00pm EST, 2 weeks prior to delivery. Revisions are accepted, pending product availability, through Thursday at 5:00pm EST, 2 weeks prior to delivery.

Minimum Quantities

Order minimums depend on pricing terms, but start at 2 pallets of combined product. Use our simple Pallet Calculator to help you meet your order minimums.


Call our office at (423) 396-3392 for prices.

Starting a coffee shop/restaurant?

If you have a single retail location, the best way to purchase our products is usually through your local distributor (e.g. US Foods, SYSCO, etc). We are also happy to sell direct to you, but our minimum order is 2 pallets.

Need a custom product?

We have extensive experience developing custom products. If our existing products are not a match, we’d be happy to look at the possibility of developing a custom product for you. Give us a call at (423) 396-3392, or email productdevelopment@bakecrafters.com to tell us about your need.